one touch


Does the one touch electro. system truly work like a professional epilator?


epilator? isn’t that a temporary method?


Isn’t an epilator a device that pulls the hair folicules out.

and the one touch is a device that you electrifry each hair folicule.


ya, i just know i own a epilator and it yanks my back/butt hair out ahahhaha, and thins my leg hair out…

i got it from that overstock deal for 35 bucks:)

the one touch does epilate apparently, although the defenition says it with a razor


v : remove body hair with a razor [syn: shave]

the one touch works great for elecrifying the hair though. executes it so it don’t grow back. U need some nice thick hairs for it i think, may not get fine hairs very efficiently.

I got my web cam installed, I’m trying to get the right lighting for it though and I’ll make a video on how I use it:) hehe latez

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Hi guys,
This is the coolest forum I have ever visited, thanks to the moderators and other members who share very valuable information. I have few hairs on my chin and they are really black and strong ( I pluck them time to time) but now I’m really tired and my skin has become really rought due to plucking. I read in here in one of the sections "Do it yourself " there was some discussion about the product called “One touch” can any one tell me where can I buy that??? I mean I got some matches in google but I’m not really sure which “One touch” you people are talking about??? ( I mean I do not know if there are more than one ONE TOUCH) can any one suggest the company name or site etc. I will be highly appreciating this. Thanks in advance Please please please help me, my husband is really questioning this and I’m feeling very bad about it, pleaseeeeeeee.

Marie :frowning:


The One Touch certainly works - slowly but surely. You can find it for sale at Folica and numerous other places online. Its quite cheap, and the quality of the device isn’t the greatest, but if it breaks its not expensive to replace, I guess. There’s plenty of advice on this forum on using it properly and I suggest you read it because the instructions with the device aren’t necessarily entirely accurate.


thanks a lot, I just ordered one, I can not wait to get one and get going.

with best regards,


Hey tell me how it goes. I am thinking of buying one to for my chin, and other places. Keep in touch


Hey coolswan! I am also in dallas texas…well pretty close. I have read it is better to have a friend do the one touch for you. I have not bought one, but plan to. I do not have anyone to do it for me. Email me