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Hi, first off, hairfacts is a great web site. It really can be helpful to get a good idea on what is the right choice to take. (as obviously everyone is different) But still, as the site intended, use your own mind.

 I just wanted to say I feel like I'm a really hairy guy,   but most people don't seem to think so.  But I am not comfortable with the hair on my legs and chest.  I was blessed to not have hair on my back.   I waxed many, many times, and never noticed hairs ever coming back finer or having less hair. This is just my personal experience with waxing.  It seemed like it was a cycle.  First no hair, then a month later hair on the legs looks less noticeable except where hair was just broken rather than pulled by the roots.  Then finally 2 months later,  hair seems to have grown to exactly the same state I started out with.  (I am pretty good at the pain however)  

 Anyway the reason why I chose this particular message board was because I purchased a one touch home electrolysis recommended by this web site. Well maybe not fully recommended,  but it seems to be the most widely talked about.

I'll tell you why I choose home electrolysis.  I'm not really willing to give up all the hair on my legs..  I just want to thin out as much as I possibly can.   Having it professionally done is kind of embarrassing, especially as a man, when you explain you don't want to lose all your hair.  Not to mention I'm not rich enough to dish out thousands on lasers or electrolysis.  As far as my chest,  I just prefer being hairless,   so I easily wax that in an hour or so..  Waxing your chest can have its draw backs too if you don't scrub all the time,  trying to avoid ingrown hairs.  But waxing your legs and wearing shorts in the summer is really noticeable,  and its too embarrassing and obvious for me. 
If there are any people thinking of using one touch or anything like that on their face..  I'd be really cautious doing that.  It seems pretty dangerous to be messing with a part of your body you need to show off most.  (so just be careful and gain experience and make sure you know what you're doing).  Hopefully I am not disappointed and this does really work.  
 So thanks for the great tips.  I'm going to attempt this,  and hopefully report back with as much as I can. Good luck with anyone attempting to do this.


Welcome, AHHHH!

Unwanted hair is a very subjective thing. Some really hairy people wish they had more, and some people with almost none think they are sasquatch! In fact, I use the term “unwanted hair” instead of “excessive hair,” because even one or two hairs can qualify as unwanted!

Home electrolysis is not easy, especially on large areas. Legs are pretty easy on the shin, calf, and quads, but it’s pretty hard to get the backs of your legs unless you’re limber and have a very steady hand.

Keep in mind that many people have leg hairs that grow at a much narrower angle to the skin. It can be as narrow as 10% angle, meaning they almost come out parallel with the skin. That means insertion can be tricky. Make sure to get the angle right, and be very careful on these hair, since the root is close to the surface and can lead to overtreatment if you aren’t careful.

I were you, I’d practice on the side of the calf, which is likely to be one of the less painful areas and one of the easiest to see and reach. The knee is not a good place to start, because areas near bone hurt more for many people.

Definitely keep us updated on your progress, and if you have any experiences or tips to share, send them along!

In the meantime, anyone considering home electrolysis should visit my site for more information:

Hairfacts: home electrolysis


I was wondering what kinda luck you have had with the ONE TOUCH system.


I had very good luck with the one touch unit. I’d say that 90% of the hairs treated do not come back on the initial treatment. Since only growing and visible hairs can be permanently destroyed, it takes about 3 to 6 months to pretty much complete small area and maybe another 3 months of light touch ups and the area is definitely hair free. This assumes you are doing treatments correctly, which requires practice, good vision and light, and a steady hand.

The advantage of doing it at home is you do not have to face embarrassment and the initial cost is cheaper. The downsides include improper treatment and extremely slow (on a per hair basis) treatment time. If you figure about one hair per minute overall and how many hairs you are considering treating, you might be better off putting that time into a minimum wage job and paying a professional to laser it. However, you might also pay all that money and have no success. With the home unit, you can just keep working on it until you have the results you desire. For an area as large as the legs, I could see 2 hours a day for several years. For me it was so satisfying, that I actually enjoy doing the treatment.


oreosmama, I personally did not like using the One Touch myself. I found it painful and time-consumeing , and I was always worried I was going to scar myself. In the end, I found it was easier to go to a pro.


I was just looking into purchasing one of these units, the ad I read said that it doesn’t break your skin…I would think that the treatment would then be painless and not possible to be scarring. Can someone with experience with the One Touch system explain the process? I’d appreciate it.


Hi justagirl–

In order to achieve permanent hair removal, you must use a device which has a hair-thin metal probe. This is slid into the hair follicle. Energy is then sent through the needle, causing damage inside the follicle. The probes on One Touch devices are spring-loaded so that it’s more difficult to insert the probe too deeply and puncture the bottom of the hair follicle. It makes it harder, but not impossible.

There are several types of devices on the market that do not use a probe. These devices have not been proven permanent and ar not considered to be effective for permanent removal of hair. Unfortunately, they advertise as permanent all the timme, and make the clkaim"ainless and permanent" to sell devices. In fact, if you ever see the term “painless and permanent,” you know the device is a scam.

Killing hairs permanently is really hard to do, especially without damaging surrounding tissue. You can scar yourself with a device like the One Touch if you are not careful. The scarring is usually not caused by puncturing the skin, but by improper treatment. If the probe is inserted at the wrong angle or not deeply enough, the energy will cook the wrong part of the follicle. In addition, if you use too much energy, you can injure the epidermis or the collagen under the skin. These injuries make take months or years to be visible, which is why doing it yourself can be more risky than going to an experienced pro.

My guess is that the ad you read was for a scam device. One Touch is the only widely available device that consumers csan use at home with hopes of permanent hair removal. No probe, no permanence.


Hi justagirl -

Was the advert you were looking at for a One Touch system?

If it was, the method doesn’t pierce the skin as such…
The ‘needle’ is more accurately a ‘probe’.
The hair follicle is a test tube shaped pocket in your skin, from which your hair grows. It’s a continuation of your skin.

When you slide the probe down into the follicle you don’t actually pierce the skin. (Or at least, you shouldn’t!)

When you apply the current, you’re aiming to destroy the blood supply to the base of the follicle, so you will feel a ‘pain’ sensation.