one touch vs. one touch deluxe

Is there a big difference between the one touch and one touch deluxe? I’d be more than willing to shell out $10 more if I knew what the benefit was to the deluxe model.

Also, is there a way to purchase the one touch locally? I live in California, and there are plenty of beauty supply stores in the area. Has anyone seen them at stores? Thank you. :smile:

the deluxe comes with a pair of junky tweezers that are meant to tweeze the hair off a horses behind. They are THAT BAD. I couldnt even grasp a hair on my head with them, LOL. Otherwise, no difference other than the cord in the deluxe is more conveniently stored sells the one touch units as well as additional stylet tips. It is hit n’ miss if your local beauty shop has them. You could ask them, maybe they can check their catalogs.

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LOL Pish! :grin:

Yeah, you’d have better luck pulling hairs with hot dog tongs than those crappy One Touch tweezers! :roll_eyes:

Get the plain old One Touch and invest in some good tweezers.

Thanks! :smile: