One Touch Vs. Homemade

To start off I would like to say these forums really helped a lot. Im glad to know others have this “unwanted hair syndrom” and they have a forum about it.

I’ve been browsing through these formus and read about this One Touch home electrolysis device and it seems to be worth getting. I also read about some Homemade devices.

Im capable of making one but I’m not really sure if its worth it.

My question is, what would be the benefits of a homemade electrolysis device vs. something like the One Touch? What’s better?

On one hand the homemade seems to be more powerfull at 12v vs. the 9v One Touch. Im guessing this means that the homemade ver. is a bit faster to use.

If anyone can help me choose which is the better way to go, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

The voltage is rather immaterial since you dial down the power to the appropriate level. The biggest advantage to making your own (using a professional stylet) is that the needles are cheaper, more available, can be purchased in many different diameters, lengths, materials, and coatings and since the probes are not spring loaded you can more accurately feel an accurate penetration into the follicle. Also, the One Touch is cheaply made and will fall apart after a while, while a homemade unit will use more modest materials and hold up pretty much forever.

Thanks nohair for that advise :smile: . Since I havnt done electroysis before I might just buy that one touch. If everything goes good I think ill just end up modifing it by putting a pro needle holder on it instead of the stock needle holder it comes with.

Look at;f=23;t=000041 for a better alternative to adding a real stylet to the rest of the cheap components of the One Touch. The wires in the One Touch are so thin (like 24 gauge) that they break with just regular use after a while. If you start from scratch using parts in the above link, you’ll have a much sturdier device.