One touch vague instructions (idiots guide would be great)


I used one touch today and have caused alot of damage to my skin which I am praying will go away,

I Think it was down to misuse by reading past forum posts I think I have been burning through my skin and not the hair shaft, as been keeping contact on entry is that wrong?

I wondered if there is any successful experienced diyers who have time an idiots guide to this would be fab as the maual misn’t so clear, to stop others making the same mistake.

Look at and go to the section called “The One Touch Unit”.

hey even the best machines can cause swelling and red spot and blotching if you go nuts take two weeks of and moisturise youd be surprised just how skin recovers - i mean a plastic surgeon cutting your face to bits gets good results after all just little and often is the best way k x

yea dont worry i used to get em 2…they’ll all go away eventually(usually wont take long) the human body is great at repairing itself…

sometimes usin too many creams and stuff just interfers with the natural process