one touch - to squeeze afterwards or not?

I have read that some people squeeze afterwards to get all of the lye out? Should this be done Yes or NO, and what are the reasons?


all the lye? what’s that stuff? the pussey stuff?

I would certainly like to hear a professionals response to this.

I have done lots of galvanic eletrolysis on myself. I use to leave the resultant lye in the follicle, thinking that it would continue to do it’s killing on the root after the actual treatment. However, I ended up with some kleoids (hard bumps below the surface) and have had a difficult time eliminating them. I surmised that maybe the left over lye may have been attacked by the healing properties of the skin, which built a protective barrier around it. Later I began to squeeze out the remaining lye and have not had any new kleoids since. Thus, I have recommended to squeeze afterwards. However, I am still not 100% sure as to the cause and effect of my experiences, as maybe I had overtreated those earlier areas during my self teaching period. I have continued to squeeze as I don’t want another kleoid as a result of an experiment on myself.

Does anyone know better information?

Another way is to neutralize the lye after by reversing the polarity and applying current the opposite direction. They even make little rollers just for this purpose.