One Touch To Romania



I live in Romania and I really need some help from you guys in buying a One Touch unit and replacement tips, as I don’t have a credit card. I’ve been searching the net and your forum for the last 3 months and found only two places where I could buy them: GlobalDrugs and Yet GlobalDrugs only sells Deluxe One Touch and NO replacement tips at the moment, while with I couldn’t figure out how I can pay by cheque and still have them process my order. Anyone knows how to order and manage to skip the credit card part so to be able to pay by cheque? I’ve e-mailed customer support twice with no answer at all. I understand (I hope I’m not wrong) that Maurice, one of Haitell members, maintains this site so I hope that he, or anyone who has succeeded in purchasing from MarsIndustries without having a credit card, can help me buying these things.