One Touch replacement Stylet Tips

about how many/much hair can 1 sytlet tip remove?

how many replcements should i buy to remove about 100 tiny hairs?

(need to stock up to save on shipping ) :relaxed:

For me, the tips didn’t last more than 10 hairs…it was very awkward to use and was easily bent. If I remember correctly, it was rather large in diameter as well. I ended up doing a few modifications to the stylet so that I was able to use the disposable pro tips instead.

I did much better than 10 hairs, but the One Touch needles are easily bent. They can be pretty much straightened with tweezers to lengthen the life span.

Using Pro tips will be cost effective in the long run (about $20 for 50). Pro tips will most easily be used in a pro stylus (about $20). The plug of the stylus would just need to connect to the end of the One Touch stylus.

More DIY modifications available at

Thanks for your reply people.

And ive been to your website, its wonderful! But i where do i get these ProTips?

The first two items in the Parts List have links to the Stylus and Probes, available from

Hi, I need some replacement tips, im a bit confused about that site though, which size needles do i need? i have a one-touch unit.