One touch questions

Hi, I’m new here and i was hoping someone could give me some advice:

I recently started waxing my arms. This was a big mistake. My hair has now started growing in thick and some are ingrown so can not be removed. I have had to resort to shaving what will not come out with wax.Out of desperation I purchased a One Touch kit and tried it last night on an area of my forearm. It left me with big mosquito bite like welts. Today they are slightly smaller but still raised and have scabbed over. I am assuming I haven’t done it right. Is this a normal reaction? If I do it on my face will I have the same marks? I have been wearing long sleeve shirts though I’m not quite sure what i’ll do when it gets hot outside. I can’t cover my face however so until I get some proper guidance on this I can’t start using my One Touch there.
I am desperate to get some advice on this. In the meantime what can I do to minimize the stubbly look of my arms? I would really like to wear a t-shirt again.

Is there no one here who has some advice? I was really hoping to find some help on this board.

Sorry I can’t advise on the one touch because I do not know it , as for the ingrown hair try exfoliating with a body scrub about 4 days after you have waxed ,that should help the problem. Neat tea tree oil on the swollen ingrowns will help take the swelling/redness down you could then visit a beautician who could try to remove the ingrown hairs or you could try them yourself with a sterised needle.Hope this helps