One Touch purchase

Hello, I have been lurking for a few days now and absolutely love this forum… I’m reading every chance I get! I have struggled with feeling inadequate as a woman for years now and it is incredibly refreshing and inspiring to find others who share my problems in one way or another.

I’m very close to purchasing a One Touch Deluxe but before I do, I wanted to ask those of you who have it a few questions. Would you buy it all over again or would you go for something else? Do you wish you’d purchased something a bit more expensive? Can you suggest any accessories that compliment it or make the process easier?

I am a female who has had hair on my chin, upper lip, a little between my breasts, too much bikini and thighs area since my teens and I’m sick of it.

Shaving my privates causes ingrowns, bumps, redness… so I’m really wanting to take care of it for good - but as a do-it-yourselfer! <G> Whatever I can’t do myself, hopefully my hubby can help. I tried Nads for waxing my bikini but I’m pretty sure I’ll just wax my legs from now on and try to permantently remove my problem areas!

I’ve had professional electrolysis on and off for years on my face but was ignorant and didn’t realize that plucking between sessions and not sticking to a schedule was wasting my time and money :frowning: I begin a scheduled, aggressive treatment this Friday with a professional for my face (only).

Thanks so much for any suggestions you can share! :smile:

The One Touch allows you to do electrolysis at home for about $30 (don’t go with the deluxe unit which is only different in that it includes some low quaility tweezers). To get something more expensive, you can make your own for about $100 (see the “Thinking of building my own home Electrolysis device” topic). There’s nothing else except pro units that’ll usually run close to $1000 and more.

The One Touch does galvanic electrolysis which is very slow. It is cheap money wise, but costly time wise. It is private and you can easily do touch ups without scheduling appointments. I’ve spent a lot of time with one and was happy with the results. Eventually I assembled a slightly more durable and easier to use unit.

If you’re already seeing a pro, you may want to ask about also doing the other areas you’d be doing yourself. If they know what they’re doing, you’ll get quicker results.

Thank you NoHair. I appreciate you pointing out the “deluxe” info! I’m almost certain my professional does any area on the body, but I am extremely shy (and ashamed) and can’t imagine letting anyone other than hubby helping me down there.