One Touch probes/needles

One Touch, they’re very expensive,like,about 8e for 2, so I decided to look for a cheaper options, so I ordered accupntuer needles, I got 100 for 8€ they fit perfectly into the shank of the One Touch…problem is, the ones I ordered are not as slender as the one touch needles!..

I’m going to re-order the most slender ones are see how they work…

Doh! Sorry, I meant to ask, can any one tell me what is the size of the One Touch needles?.. There is no information about the size on the box!

No size is listed because the One Touch uses its own proprietary needle/probe and you can only purchase them from One Touch. They are too large for professional work, and cost more than professional use probes. Someone on here long ago wrote up a thing on how one could modify a one touch to use real live professional probes, but in the end, one really should just get an old used professional machine and be better off. Between the useless overpriced probes and the machine breaking from use, it is not a good financial bet to buy a one touch