One touch needle size (too small?)


Does anyone else think the one touch needle is too small? Im sure I can feel it piercing my skin rather that the spring stopping it.

Would it be a good idea to buy a sterex needle holder and wire it up to replace the original?

It is not necessarily the size as it is the way the tip is made. The Ballet Gold Probes are smooth, and more likely to bend than puncture the skin. It is not worth retrofiting the machine. You are better off getting a used pro machine and learning how to use it well with a buddy who you trade work with. The pro units can make treatments go faster per hair as well.

Insert the needle in the direction of growth. I have a feeling that you may not be inserting the needle correctly. Too small of a needle will slide right in like any other needle but will hurt more upon epilation due to less surface area to distribute the frequency. I already know what size needle to use but when I was starting, I would measure the hair. Ideally you want the needle to match the diameter of the hair. Needles that are used by professionals are slightly rounded at the tip. Some are blunt like the uniprobe. A blunt needle can be a little harder to insert due to cellular debris in the folicle. A needle used to treat spider viens is sharp at the tip. I’m not sure how the One Touch people have designed their needles but if it was sharp I’m sure this could be giving you problems if you don’t feel that your angle of insertion is incorrect.


Thanks for the replies,

I can insert the needle fine 95% of the time as I have a steady hand and excellent eyesight, the problem is once the needle is in the follicle the spring is supposed to stop it going too deep, but instead it feels like it is piercing the skin.

The one touch needle is not blunt at the end just cut off and quite sharp so that could be part of the problem.

Im probably going to purchase a professional sterex sx-b machine machine this week as it would probably be more sensible long term.


You are correct.
The spring loaded system of the one touch would tend to have the wrong effect if you were actually at the bottom of the follicle (where you are supposed to be) since the spring would tend to apply pressure against the follicle floor, and maybe cause a puncture. A good pro unit, a ballet gold probe and a steady hand will go a long way towards good treatment. Just get yourself a hair removal buddy and a book to go along with all this other stuff.

Will do thanks <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />