Hiya attempting my one touch agin very nervously, but not able to pull our hairs on the 2 setting with 15 seconds. Do I increase power or time first. I scarred my self last time so am very nervous! Any advice please

You can pick either one. Increasing power may cause more discomfort, so if you can’t handle that, then you increase the time. If you increase the power, you also have to be more on top of it to make sure you don’t do it for too long and create a problem. You’ll learn as you work on yourself as to what the proper settings are. Try to do the absolute minimum to be able to extract the hair with only about 10% of the effort a normal tweeze would do.

Another problem could also be insertions. If you don’t go to the proper depth or go at a totally wrong angle such that you don’t put the end of the probe at the base of the hair, then increasing time or power won’t allow proper killing of the hair and highly increases the chances for doing undesired damage.

If the hair is extremely shallow (e.g. 1 mm to the base), then you have a much higher risk for scarring and you should be very careful. Several attempts at too low a setting would be better than damaging the skin. Also, the very shallow hairs often have a very bulbous end and tend to “pop” out rather than slide out, which gives the feeling of more force to extract it, although it’s already been killed.

Thankyou so much!

Just seemed to be getting the hang of it today and dropped it on the floor, and broke it1!! How annoying!!!

Thanks again!