One touch Machines - Different results -Help

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, hopefully someone is knowledgeable about this type of thing, and could help a newbie out =)

So i have 2 One touch machines here at home, but they seem to provide VERY different results.

This first one is the first one i used on my face for approx 3 months, on the highest without seeing any reduction whatsoever. This machine has a constant beep for approx 45 seconds then starts to beep beep beep when the treatment time ends. I had little to no skin damage ( or pain) with this one, but as i said no results

This second one has 10 numbered settings instead of 6, this machine has a constant beep for approx 5 seconds before it cuts out and then beeps again for 5 seconds. It did not come with the instruction booklet so i wasnt sure how long to keep it in the skin, so i kept it in for 3 beeps. This machine ive used on myself only once but it has left CRAZY dark red/purple marks in every folicle. 4 days on these marks are only looking worse and look sure to scar! This machine also gave me alot of pain even on setting number one.

[color:#6600CC]So is there a possibility one of these machines is faulty? [/color]how can the result vary so much? they have the same model number on the rear even though they clearly look different.

Maybe these horrible marks are what is supposed to happen? im just not sure and would be so grateful to anyone willing to share some info.

Cheers and thanks again

There was nearly zero quality control on these devices from what I know.I wouldn’t consider either safe to use. Please consider a used professional machine.