One Touch info...

I have like 30 light hairs I want to remove onmy upper shoulder…I am lucky as I am pretty
much hairless…but I am tired of these little

I need to remove this hair because I tape my
shoulders when I play ice hockey…and im tired
of them catching…

Shaving them sucks and hurts more…

So can someone please list what all I need to to
to remove these hairs with the One Touch.

I read you need to buy some special tips for smaller hairs? Where can I buy these online?

Also, what is the best way to prevent yourself from
being burned?

I can test it on my hand…I have some hairs there I dont care if they stay or go…so no biggie.


you can thin the needle yourself I would think,

there must be a way as I have done it from running tweezers along the wire

its not like the wire is made out of titanium

dont practice on your hand, sholder scars shouldn’t matter much, just dig right in and kill kill kill … 30 times