One touch home electrolysis beginner questions

Hey guys

I just bought the one touch home electrolysis unit about a week ago and just have a few questions for those of you have been successful with it.

First off, how do you know when the probe is actually in the follicle? It seems to be on some sort of spring as it pushes back when pressed, so I can’t tell whether it’s actually going in or if it’s just being pushed back.
Secondly, how does it know when to go off? Can it tell whether I’m in the follicle or not?

If anyone can help with this, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks

Hi, there are lots of threads on the one touch already. If you find them, I’m sure this question plus lots more you haven’t even thought of yet will be answered.

From what I know, those who have successfully used the one touch, generally modify it quite a bit. And that includes getting rid of the spring holder.