One touch & duration of beeper sound

I have a very old model of one touch (i think we bought it in 1979 or something).
I have used it a long time ago with very modest results.
Now, reading your forum I suspect I have always been using it in the wrong way (or i need to get a newer model even if the look is perfectly the same).
The beeper sound normally last 2 or 3 seconds while my needle touches the root of the hair and I have always thought stopping the beeping also current stops flowing.
Now i read here that you keep the needle in for 30/40 seconds
I have always thought that when the beeper stops beeping, the current stops flowing but either the current continue flowing regardless the sound or the needle does not touch my root properly/consistently…
Can anyone help me to understand?

Some one touch type products use Radio Frequency, also known as Thermolysis, while others use The Galvanic Current. An RF machine is only going to do pulses of thermolysis zaps for a second or 3, while a galvanic unit will flow for 30 seconds to a minute in an effort to cause lye to be produced in the follicle and one would tend to have a white froth bubbling out of the treatment hair. One would also feel a tingling sensation with galvanic.

Based on what you describe, I think you may have a Thermolysis unit. Am I correct?

Well, I thought thermo. could only be done with tweezers and my device has a needle instead. And I do/did feel a light shock when used.
But if you say themolisys can also be done with needles, then I dont know. How can I know it for sure?
Do you confirm that the sounds should last for the duration of the tratement on a single root?
Maybe I’d better buy a new one…

Thermolysis can ONLY be done with probes/needles. Tweezer-only systems do not work for ANY modality of electrolysis.

Galvanic and thermolysis (and blend) are only done with a needle. If a device uses tweezers, it doesn’t work. Tweezer type machines were popular in the late 70s if I remember right (some might remember the discussion about the RFD machine.)

To me, it sounds like irena has a pro thermolysis machine from the 70s. (I can’t imagine a cheapo One Touch device lasting 30+ years of occasional use.) 1-3 sec per hair, and it uses a needle, is consistent with a thermolysis machine.

If you can take a picture of the device we can probably identify it.

silly me, I also forgot about this post of mine older than a year.

As they say better late than never, I checked my old machine and it says “instant electrolysis”, so it is not thermo. It is by Inverness and by reading better one of the replies, i remember the “white froth” description.

It has been working until recently but now the battery has given up an it still uses those old square batteries which are no longer in use.

As you seem surprised I still have it, I might also consider selling it on ebay to a collector. :smiley:

Anyhow, the beep is annoying and it seems present also in the newer models as far as i read. Problem is not any longer the cost, but the provisioning where I am (NL - Europe): I need to order it overseas…:frowning:


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