One Touch addict

hi all, haven’t posted here in awhile. I still use “the machine” daily though:) I do at least 20 pubs nightly now, hehe.

by the way, i’ve been using the one touch for about 6 years now. I go through about 3 machines a year. Eventually I will make my own machine I suppose, but I’m lazy I guess. Some nights I pull over 100 hairs, other nights 20 pubs, some days from 9am to 10pm all i do i zap away. No set schedule, but I always have a cup of salt water near me:)

I wish you all the success in the world. Keep us posted on your progress.

I do actually.

Is a lifetime thing here… anyway… some questions for the viewers of this thread.

My father, whom I got the very long hair from does not have hair on his stomach. I know this because if he had hair there it would be very long, as each and every hair is long. This previous statement isn’t true cause the face holds hairs everywhere but is not long. I know, sounds contradicting… what I’m trying to get at, is if I held a magnifying glass to the stomach of someone who appears to be hairless there, would I find small blond hairs there? Maybe I would find hair holes without hairs cause they are to short to be seen? I remember a ,grrrr forgot the game where u fill in that pie… 8 pieces grr, anyway there was a trivia… ahha,trivia pursuit… ok.

I remember a Trivia Pursuit game where a question was asked, asking the parts of body that didn’t have hair and it was palms and bottom of feet. So I suspect hair is present on the stomach but can’t be seen because either a. I’m not looking hard enough. b. Is not even grown outta the skin but is there and has potential to grow. c. u tell me.

o.k. all. hit C. and tell me:)

also thinking, I swear I don’t have hair on the top of my hands. Are there hairs there but I cannot see them? I really don’t think there are hair there. But according to that trivia pusiut game there are?

You get my question I’m sure…

If you look through a stereo microscope, you will find hairs on every part of the body except the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the pucker of the lips. I have actually had more than a few clients who had hairs growing “in the paint” on the lips, even though this is supposed to be a violation of normal body practice. Needless to say, those are not fun hairs to remove, and yet, they must be removed. One client joked, “I don’t need to blot my lipstick. I just shave the excess off when I remove the hairs around the edges and corners of my mouth.”