One Tocuh on Amazon

I’m looking to get a one touch for some small areas toes, knuckles that I want to practice on.

1)What is the difference between the deluxe version and normal version? Does it matter?

  1. I’m looking to get it possibly get it from Amazon,but I’m a bit confused about the two products posted on Amazon.

Product One

Same Products but for coarse hair

They say Clean & Easy but look exactly like the One Touch. Would these be the same or should I order One touch to be on the safe side? Also one is for coarse hair. Does it matter? or does it have a higher current and would likely work better?


6 to one half dozen. Either will work perfectly fine. There are a bunch of literally identical models out there. These two even have the same UPC code it looks like.

If there are different settings then it doesn’t matter. You’ll never need the highest settings on either machine anyway.

I suspect that MAYBE one has thicker probes than the other. This is no big deal, because all the replacement probes are really thick and the probes will bend/break soon anyway.

Just get whichever. In fact you can find versions of the One Touch on ebay for 9 bucks right now. They all work equally well (which is to say, not very well compared to a pro machine, but they’ll get the job done).