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Can you get Electrolysis on any part of your body?

Technically speaking, yes. Practically speaking, no.

There are some areas some electrologists won’t work on, some areas some electrologists will only work on if you have a doctor’s note.

The part of the body you want worked on, and the area of the country you live in, will dictate how easy or difficult it will be to find someone to do your work, and at what price. (There is even a place where Transsexuals who did not get good hair removal prior to surgery can have the “fur lining” removed from their, how shall we say it, “new addition”, when they find out that what their doctor told them didn’t work the way he said it would.

Some areas are just more difficult to work on than others, some jobs require more equipment than others and most schools don’t bother teaching any hands on class work on anything other than faces, legs, backs and chests. Many electrologists never get to do eyebrow work, breast work, nor bikini line work with classmates. Typically, the first work experience someone has with this comes outside of school, or even in their office with a paying client.

So anyway, yes, someone out there is capable of removing the hair you want removed, no matter where it is, you just have to find the person who has the skill, equipment and willingness to do it.

Hello James,

I have been reading your posts with a great deal of interest as I am about to graduate from an electrology school here in California. I really appreciate your candor and insights based on your experience in the field.

I have to go along with what you are saying about the limitations placed on students in schools, for the most part, although at the school I am attending we do work on bikini lines, underarms, etc., but we are specifically prohibited from working on the genetilia areas of either gender. When I asked the school’s owner/operator about the reason for this (simple curiosity) I was shown an exclusion clause in the school’s liability insurance that negates the school’s coverage if this type of work is performed.

As I am in the early stages of M2F this was one of the areas in which I am specifically interested in learning all that I can. As I am from the S.F. Bay Area, I expect a substantial portion of my work to come from this sector. Fortunately for me, one of my instructors has done numerous preoperative M2F clients, preparing them for SRS. She was able to take me under her wing and actually obtained permission from 2 of her clients for me to be present while she was working on them. This gave me a very valuable information base on this area of work, for which I am very grateful.

One thing that I have noticed about the field of electrology is that the practitioners in the field are basically a good general cross-section of our culture as a whole. Depending on the individual electrologist’s personal views and morality, many of them will simply not work on the “sexual” areas of the body, as they simply have enough work to keep them busy in the usual areas of work. However, many of them are still willing to refer a client to someone who specializes or is willing to do this type of work.

All my best,

After reading this post I feel that some additional information should be added.

Most electrologist will not remove hair from the ear canal, inside of the nostrils. Both of these areas are defensive growths that the body uses to protect the middle ear and the respiratory system. Besides being a natural part of the body’s defensive systems, the danger of infection is very high when attempting work in these areas.

One other note. Some types of modification of the hair line to exotic forms, for instance, are considered a disfigurement by professional standards. As they are permanent changes, many electrologists will decline do this type of work for reasons of potential legal liability.

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