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Hi guys, just one more for ya! I’ve noticed on various threads people mentioning that they get clearance after the first time. I’ve been having electrolysis for 12 months and have never had full clearance. I go for 15 mins once a week on upper lip and still have hair when i come out!! I know it’ll take time but should I be fully clear after a session? Thanks a lot

I’ll depend on how much hair you have, but 15 minutes session isn’t long time, the only thing is once a week for a year, my personal opinion, is yes you should be fully clear or really close to it.
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Depending on the machine your practitioner is using, it may not be possible to work on an upper lip longer than 15 minutes without severe swelling. If that is the case, 15 minutes is all that you ever will be able to get once a week. If on the other hand, you go to a practitioner with a Silhouet-Tone VMC, any Apilus, or minimally one of the computerized Fischer machines, you may be able to get a 30 to 60 minute treatment on the upper lip to clear it out, and go into maintaining that clearance in future appointments. If your upper lip could not be cleared out in 30 to 60 minutes on a VMC or Apilus SX-500, you would still be able to get more than one appointment a week on that area.

Getting a full clearance is very important, because if one doesn’t get a full clearance, one doesn’t get to the point of knowing that every hair that one works on in the future is by definition in growth stage.

You may want to help out your practitioner by getting the upper lip waxed ONCE about two to three weeks prior to your appointment so that when you get treated, all the hairs she sees are in growth stage, and there are no hairs on your upper lip that are in any state of shedding. I say only do this ONCE, because if you do this continuously, you will be removing hairs that you want treated, and therefore hiding them from the electrologist, making it impossible for full clearance to ever be done as long as waxing or tweezing continues to be done on a regular basis.

Perhaps you should check into what other electrologists in your area have to offer in regard to the equipment they utilize in their office. It is not unusual to find that everyone in your area is using the same outdated stuff, but you may get lucky to find someone invested in some newer equipment and is passing the lower discomfort levels and larger volume of possible daily work on to their clients.

Having said all that, I should also say that you must be reasonable in what you consider a full clearance. Removal of all big black noticeable hairs is one thing. Removal of all the downey fuzz on your face is not reasonable. It would actually make you look unnatural, and most electrologists don’t have the type of equipment that would make that possible anyway. Never evaluate your electrolysis clearance in a magnification mirror. Turn on your bathroom light, stand a normal distance from your bathroom mirror, and you will see what the rest of the world sees. If you see anything that jumps out at you the moment you look at yourself,then that is a hair that your electrologist needs to be targeting, anything that requires you to bend forward, turn on more lights, or get out the magnification mirror is nothing the normal world will ever comment about.

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