One Epilator or Two or none?


We are both tired of the stubbles and we are both tired of shaving and we don’t have the $ for laser or electrolysis. We are also not sure about anything that permanent just yet… but we want something to deal with the stubbles for sure!

So we are thinking about making the plunge into using an epilator for some hair removal.

The areas we want to get stubble free are:

Underarms - wife
Legs - wife
chest and shoulders - hubby
Pubic mons area - both
around the labilia - wife
around the scrotum and buttocks - hubby

As complete newbees to this hair removal thing,what should we be looking for? Can we get stubble free results on a regular basis? Do we need a special unit to take care of the smaller nooks and crannies?

What do you folks recommend?

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Hey dman:

I know the feeling about them stubs. They really suck.
I have tried various models of Epilators.
Most are great machines for pain and not removing all hair.
I have found one model that I really like.
It’s an Duel Rotary Epilator by Emjoi, called the Optima.
Both of you can use it on any part of your bodies, face, pubic, crotch and any nook and cranny.
Like anything, it might be a good idea to be waxed twice before using an epilator on that area. That way your hair is used to being removed.
Hair should not be over 4mm to avoid pulling of hairs rather then removing without any discomfort.


Thanks for answering.

What do you do for prep of an area before using the Emjoi Optima?

We are total newbies to this style of hair removal except for a brazilian wax job my wife had last year before we went on a vacation.

Can you recommend a particular pre-removal cream or lotion that will dull the pain somewhat? And if so where you get it?




I would recommend, that you have the area waxed first. But you can do the first time without waxing, but it will be uncomfortable expecially in the pubic area. Since you guys are doing this together (other than the pubic area), you could wax each other. But first get your pubic area waxed so you can see the right technique and your hair will be used to being removed

Then afterwards, just use the epilator when you see any hair.
You both can use it on any part of your bodies(includes pubic areas). Just keep skin taut.
Then everyday, just exfoiliate while your in the shower, this will help prevent ingrowns.