On the Gentlemax Pro, do you get multiple laser shots in the same area?


At my laser hair consultation, I was told that laser sessions with the Gentlemax Pro are typically very quick, like 5 minutes. Also the technician mentioned that she doesn’t hit the same area multiple times. This made me suspicious because in my previous treatment on the Lightsheer Infinity, the sessions lasted 15 minutes and each area was hit multiple times to properly injure the follicles to ensure that they get weakened and removed eventually. I fear that they maybe be under-treating me in order to prolong the treatment and get more money out of me.


The treatment time is going to differ based on spot size and the speed of the operator.

Did your previous clinic charge based on treatment time or treatment area? It is not normal to treat one area several times within a single session…

One pass over per session is all that is necessary. The hair is either permanently removed or it isn’t. Hitting it multiple times is not going to be beneficial as far as I’m aware.


They charged by treatment area. This new clinic also charges by treatment area.