Olympic Diver gets hair removal to improve scores

Aug. 7, 2004. 09:46 AM

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“I’m doing the laser thing for hair removal,” said Despatie nonchalantly.

Aesthetics have become a bigger part of the game than ever in men’s diving. Not only is the hirsute look passe, but the divers must hone their bodies to the point it looks like their Speedos are painted on.

Despatie was on the Atkins program for about eight months before switching to a more regular diet several months ago. At 5foot8, his ideal weight is around 165 pounds.

“It’s very important for me to look cut because you want the judges to see your muscles and see the definition,” he said, adding he doesn’t mind the laser treatments, even if it does take eight sessions to do the job. “It is part of the deal. But for myself, it’s not hard, because I hate body hair, anyway.”