Older Lightsheer vs. Newer Lightsheer for RJC2001


I was wondering if the new lightsheer lasers have any advantage over the one that is 3 years older. I am debating whether to go with an office that uses the older lightsheer vs the office that uses a newer lightsheer machine.

Will I get better results and less side effects from the newer machine? Or are the results the same regardless of which machine is being used?

The reason I’m asking is because the office with the older machine charges much less that the office with the newer machine. Your opinion would be appreciated.

Also, is it normal for the practitioner to put some type of conducting gel to make the laser tip slide smoother across the skin? Will this in anyway affect the treatment effectiveness?

I don’t know about the difference between the ages of the machines, but the gel is normal. It’s the same gel they use for ultrasounds. It helps the device glide easier over your skin.

I have not been treated with the older Lightsheer. Ask your practitioner and also look at their website. It was lumenis.com but was changed. Typing in www.lumenis.com should still get you there. It may be www.skinandhealth.com but I don’t remember for sure.

It may very well be that the only difference is the maximum fluence and pulse width settings as some Lightsheer devices go to 60J and some only to 40J. 40J may be enough for you though. I had treatments at 45J and you can definitely feel that.


The gel helps prevent burns. It is even better if the gel is refrigerated.

No, the gel will not hinder the effectiveness of the Lightsheer at all.