Okie, I just bought the EverSoft, but I have to doublecheck

I just got the EverSoft, but I have to double check everything before I acually use it. (Acually I did use it a bit, on my thumb, hehe, it worked and didn’t hurt. Also on the indent under your throat, anway) I’m an 18 yo male who’s pretty hairy. I don’t think my hair would generally be defined as thick, but it is dark. I’m really worried about ingrown hairs and rash and bumps and stuff so I’m going to go through the everything my research has led me to and if I’m incorrect can you guys please give in your input? Thanks.

Ok, first I take a hot shower. I make sure the skin is totally dry before doing anything. Then I epilate, while hold the skin tight (against the grain?). When finished, exfoliated with a dry loofa and apply 100% Aloe Gel. And lots of it. The next day and until next epilation I should use an exfoliating lotion (morning or night or both?). Also, I should use a mild body scrub in the shower. (like a loofah?)

Am I wrong or missing anything? If I am please reply. Ohh, and I’ve been hearing alot about Tend Skin. What is that? Where go I get it? Thanks alot.

Sorry about the slow response-- I was out of town.

Your steps sound good! The only thing I’d add is that some people have problems with loofahs, since they can retain bacteria. A mild body scrub lotion applied by hand may be a better option.

Tend Skin is a beta-hydroxy acid that many consumers find is very helpful for reducing irritation and ingrowns.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!