Okay. Now I'm scared.

I’ve been reading on here that the hair grew back on some people months later after the treatments. Is laser freakin permanent or not? The places where I want to get hair removed from (thighs n tummy)aren’t really coarse, but they are noticable and the hairs are black and I have light skin. I’ve shaved them like three times before and I quit shaving and started using Nair for like 1 year now. I don’t wanna have to shave the, espicalaly the thin hairs to get laser done and then have them grow back months later, maybe even darker, thicker and more than what I really had. Advice please!!!

It sounds like you need to read a whole lot of posts on this Forum, including the HAIRFACTS page, and you are going to have to decide for yourself what you believe and how you interpret it. You have posed a question that has been asked and answered over and over.

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From what I usually read on these boards, it seems like women usually have a much better success rate than men with laser. I’ve heard of many more men that had no results than women. It mainly depends on white skin, and dark hair, that is the best candidate, as I’m sure you probably know, but I would imagine the coarseness and thickness of the hair would be the main issue. I have very very thick, deep, and coarse hair and I haven’t seen any reduction after 5 treatments whatsoever.