ok!!! Well my face is almost done! PICS soon

As soon as I learn how to upload pics onto this site I will post the pics. Guys dont give up!!! I have pics at my email if you want me to send them I will. I just need to take some good AFTER pics… SABRENA SMITH in Hollywood did my face. She is an angel. It has been 1 1/2 years. Dont listen to all the sites that say 3 to 4 years to clear a face, this girl knows how to work the needle… email me for pics. jessoro82@hotmail.com

As we say here, 9 to 18 months is standard if one is getting full clearances at least every 6 weeks or less.

You can place pictures on the site by first uploading them to photobucket.com and posting the links, or go advanced and use the image loader to pop them into the post threat in living color.

Thanks for the “I’m done and happy” post. You may want to find your practitioner in the referral sections and post a review to help her out.