OK u won!

Im not going to go with the spatouch since there isn’t anybody that has some permanent reduction with this device. NO I am focused on real laser hair removal. I want to start with my legs since they are the most hairy then work my way up. I have a very hairy legs but I just want reduction there (means that i want some hair to grow back but not as thick and dense) How many treatments I would need and which laser would be the best. (light skin dark hair) lightsheer? aurora? gentlelease? Then I wanna do my whole but and little above where the hair ends I would also want to remova all the hair permanently from my feet. How much would all that cost ? Legs (reduction) butt and little above (permanent) ?
gone) any help?

Since you have light skin and dark hair, go with the Lightsheer. You should be able to tolerate higher fluences so that makes the Lightsheer a good choice. Biker, another member of this forum, had very good results with the Lightsheer.

I went with the Aurora on my arms and legs due to darker skin and I am happy with the results. $150 per treatment for me but I get a discount.


did u get good reduction and does it stay like this?