ok heres the deal

i went in for my first lazer hair removal for my face. i now have streaks in my face. like they missed spots. has anyone ever had this happen? they said they will touch it up for free. i would just like some feed back. also, i got some scaring on my neck and i don’t want to get any on my face. what can they do to avoid any more scaring.

I call this effect laser striping, and it’s a pretty common problem with the technique. It can be especially noticeable on some people. I have a shot on my site hairfacts of a reader who got these stripes.

The best thing to do is to talk with the people running the place about your options. Generally, a skilled practitioner can reduce the amount of striping and patchy results, but laser is almost always going to leave some sort of pattern after treatment. It’s an effect of the spot size. It’s most noticeable when the practitioner does the treatment in a series of straight lines.

my local guy told me that if i dont come back then all the hair will most likey come back and be back to normal. is this right? i have only had one treatment.

or should i go back and have them touch it up?

It depends on the practitioner skill. If he’s bad, it will all come back, but in candidates who respond to treatment, you can sometimes have a lasting result from one treatment.

In some cases, consumers have even reported one-third or dark hairs in an area to have been reduced in size and color.

So, the striping will subside considerably, but it a common side effect to have patchy/patterned regrowth when treating male facial hair, especially while still in the middle of a course of treatments.

If they’ll touch it up for free I would definitely go back. It can only help to reduce the striping.


I’d try to get them to commit to touchups until the striping is no longer visible on your skin or beard pattern. Take photos and try to get something in writing about the touchups.

i have been going and seeing a electrolyis. she seems to be doing a good job of evening out the area. is there any reason i shouldn’t go back and see her?

No but it might make it harder to get the laser place to fix their mistakes if they know.