Ohio Referrals Anyone

I have been looking into laser treatments (of course after reading as much information as possible on these sites). Does anyone have a referral for Ohio (hopefully Columbus area)?

I might be of some help on this one. As an electrologist, I do see clients who have had laser hair removal with both good and not so good results in the Columbus metro area. Here are a few names of practitioners that I’m aware of and have seen the end results of their work.

Francine Melvin at the Sullivan Center. She is an electrologist who does laser. She shares an office with plastic surgeons on Olentangy River Road. She has a Lightshear diode laser, I believe???

Vickie Mickey on Bethel Road is also an electrologist and laser specialist and I think she has an alexandrite laser???

One of my clients had excellent results with a dermatologist. He’s in a group practice in the Polaris area and his name is Peter Seline,M.D.

I’m not at my office now, but you can look in the yellow pages for their phone numbers. Again, I have seen the end results of their treatments and my clients have been very happy. I have worked on other areas doing electrolysis and have finished one clients arms for the lighter hairs that were not affected by laser. I’m sure there are other reputable places in the Columbus area, but I’m just referencing these names because I have actually seen the results that have satisfied these particular clients.

I wish you luck.