Oh oh . . . Laser for peach fuzz was not a good idea

In my never ending quest to rid myself of the blonde peach fuzz on my face I had one laser treatment on it (Aurora). Although I have no way of measuring the difference, I swear that my peach fuzz is thicker and perhaps a bit darker and that there is more of it. Is this possible that it stimulated hair growth? I’m actually going to an electrologist to have it removed but it seems like it is going to be a very long process. There is too much for her to clear in one session (2 hours long). Does anyone know if hair treated by laser would be easy to treat by electrolysis (regrowth will be minimal) or whether it is more stubborn and will continue to grow.

James, I had posted a question about a month ago asking about the length of time I have been going for electrolysis for some hair on the back of my neck. Thank you for replying. You mentioned making sure that the area is completely cleared in each session. The problem is, is that now with her doing my face, I think it would take 24 straight hours for her to remove it all in one session. (okay, I’m exaggerating a tad!!). I went for 2 hours last week and will be doing another 2 hours tomorrow. But honestly, I know she is working very quickly but it has barely made a dent in what needs to be cleared. Any suggestions on how to proceed. PS - you aren’t in Toronto by any chance, are you??

hey ht2003, i will be in toronto for vacation and am thinking of doing electrolysis… tell me… which electrolysist do you see? would you recommend her? how much does she charge? would really appreciate any information… also, can you give me the phone number so that i may contact the place.


James would recommend going as much as possible until you get to the point where you have your first clearing, then doing a complete clearing every time you see the electrologist after that. This is the “quickest” way, but also has you spending a lot of time at the beginning and less as time goes by.

If I did it, I would probably do what you are doing - 1 or 2 hours per week, and when one area gets cleared just move on to another area until that area needs retreatment.

If you aren’t progressing quickly, how many hairs is your electro epilating per hour?

Thanks htky.

Everyone’s goals and personal situations are different, but the quickest and least expensive route to bareness is to get it bare as soon as possible with appointment durations and frequency to establish the clearance of the treatment area as soon as possible, then one naturally reduces to shorter appointments farther apart because there is less hair to treat, and one also can keep the look of being finished while completing the work from the first full clearance point.