of course I'm new.. of course I have questions...

Hello everyone,
I’m about to buy the One Touch system… I was wondering if that’s the best thing I could get, or if something new and better has come out to the market.
Why is there so much difference in price between the One Touch and the Vector? Are they the same thing? which one is better?
I want to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area, armpits… I really don’t need a specialist, I’ve been epilating myself for 15 years using tweezers, epilady, braun… and it’s not something that I NEED, but I would REALLY want to remove those hairs forever…
Is there something one of you could recommend??
Thank you all <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Electrolysis is a different world from simple epilation!

Both the products you mention are cheap scams, and should be avoided. If you have such a small problem, you should find the best professional in your area and get it done and done right the first time.


Thank you for your advice!
Got it about Vector, but I want to know is:

Is there a way I could remove permanently unwanted hair with a machine I could buy somewhere? If yes, which one(s)?

I know you are encouraging me to go to a specialist, which I haven’t discarded yet, but if I could do it by myself, I would.

If, as you said, electrolysis is another word for epilation, then why bother with the electricity and needles and stuff, if you get the same result as you get when using a silkepil, for example?

Thanks again for your input!

You can buy a One Touch for about $40 or look for a used professional machine, which will be several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Please re-read what I said. Epilation and Electrolysis are NOT the same thing. Epilation is simply removing hair manually. Electrolysis involves destroying the cells from which hairs are grown, so that when you then perform epilation after the electrolysis, thermolysis or blend treatment, the hair doesn’t return.

Got it now?

As for the prospects of doing it without a pro, you need to basically become an aprentice electrologist, be it with a teacher, or with a bunch of books and a willing subject. The more you study, and the better the equipment you use, the better your results can be.

For most things you would spend less money and have less potential risk of injury with a good pro. The just leaves the problem of finding out who is good near you.