Obsession with Plucking

Oh my! I have obsession with plucking 2 areas:

  1. the hairs on my nand! In some places they look holy. And all over dotty as well as skin colour looking uneven.

  2. Knees - it’s horrible I don’t know why I started it (stopping now) but picking at the hairs has caused in growns and my knees look darker.

How can I improve the look of them now? Especially with my knees.

I hope there is a way.

This gets messy as you know, and I know that electrolysis will undo the damage to the hair, and allow the skin to heal. Perhaps laser could help, if you have the right skin and hair type for it. I gather that leaving the area untouched, is not an option for you. If you do this it will take many months for a complete recovery. Knees and hands are dryish skinned areas of the body, and are firstly more prone to ingrowings, and secondly ,much slower to heal. Some good moisture/ ingrowing hair product could be helpful.

Yea I may get electrolysis done on knees to just sort it out as there are only a few hairs but they look really messy. I have been using exfoliating products but they don’t seem to be making a difference. And it is taking some time to improve.