NZers who can recommend electrologist in Hamilton?

Hi there,

I have been having a bit of diathermy done on my upper lip. I dont have a lot of hair growth there, just a couple of dark stragglers on the sides of my lip which i used to bleach when they started to annoy me. Anyways I am starting to doubt the place where i have been going (I have only been two times to date, 30, mins and 45 mins each). Im pretty sure Im just being tweezed as i can pretty much feel every hair being pulled out. On occasion when she has really blasted the current in I then feel the hair slide out as I think it should. But this doesnt happen very often and more often then not I think she is just tugging it out. I did mention it to her but she didnt seem overly concerned about it, just saying I had fine skin and she didnt want to damage it. I just wondered whether the current needed to be upped a smidge.

The trouble over here in New Zealand is that there arent very many sole electrologists around as the training is part of the beauty school training. The lady I am going to owns a very popular beauty therapy clinic but (and I dont wish to offend anyone!) I think she is more a beauty therapist then an electrologist, meaning I think she does more facials and massages then electrolysis on a regular basis.

Just wondered if anyone on here is from New Zealand and can recommend someone in the Waikato area (Hamilton and surrounds). I have asked around a few people but no one can suggest anyone or will even admit to knowing about electrolysis! I also feel reluctant going to someone young as I wonder whether they have the expertise required for this? I dont think they need many hours under their belt before they are let loose on the general public. Would that be right?

Any help would be appreciated.


Having hairs tweezed out are a big no no when having electrolysis. Christine O’Connel a fantastic electrologist from Sydney worked for many years in New Zealand, I am sure she will be able to recommend someone to you. I shall ask her to look at this post. Also send her a pm.

Thank you for that. I will also pm her. I was just looking at my upper lip in the light and although I didnt have a problem before I think I may be getting one now! There are lots and lots of short stubbly hairs coming in. My husband even commented that he thought it looked a bit 'moustachy" now and said I was a fool for starting it as i was creating a problem for myself! I was only really trying it to see if it worked for when / if my daughters needed it in years to come! Crikey. I will look like Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck soon at this rate!

Fingers crossed Christine will be able to recommend someone for me!