nyc/nj recommendation needed!

Can anyone make a recommendation for a good laser place in northern nj or nyc? thanks!

Hey… my best friend’s cousin works for a laser company and has trained tons of people in the U.S. She recommended these places in NJ near where I live:

dr. fred miller - upper montclair - 973-783-1550

dr. sternschein - ridgewood - 201-444-1188

paramas - dr. sherwood baxt - 201-265-1300

millburn - dr. eric siegel - 973-376-8500

dr. robin ashinoff 201-996-5922

or dr. david goldberg 201-441-9890 (you can look at the website:

And then here are some places in NYC that she recommended:

myriam vasicka - nurse - wonderful - nice touch and nice person…mention dierdre ohare (pronounced deerdree) –

sheryl clark - dermitologist - has a great technician. –

berenice electrolysis (company) – she’s very experienced.

Good Luck!!

Does anyone have experience with Dr. Eric Siegel> I am considering going to see him.

any experiences with romeo and juliette in nyc?