NYC Laser Techs??????????

I am looking to do laser on my legs and bikini line… the offices that i contacted were form yellowbook and they were very pushy and desperate—made me think if they’re so desperate for customers somethign must not be right.
So , if anyone knows of any good laser techs (preferably doctors) please let me know…i’d really appreciate it—i have light/pale <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> skin and brown hair.


r-o-m-e-o and j-u-l-i-e-t is a popular place in NYC. There are also a bunch in New Jersey. You can do a search for location at this and other forums to find recommendations in your area.

I have had one session on my legs and bikini area done by a tech in NYC. I say to research, research, and research. The tech I went to did a poor job and had I looked into different places in the begining, I never would have went to her. At my consultation with her, she was so pushy, I should have seen red flags but being a “newbie”, I was naive and used her anyway.

So I learned from my mistake, and now I am looking into other places that have better reputations. Like lagirl posted, romeo and juliet have a very good name. You might want to look into them.

I havent yet found another laser tech in NYC, but when I do, I will definitely make sure they are competent, unlike the first one I used!

If I was in NYC I’d probably try out some of the electrologists there with good reputations found throughout these pages (e.g. Fino Gior, Lucy Peters, Marie Vega, or even James Walker in Buffalo). That’s just me though.

(Watch as the fight begins.)

She wants her legs and bikini done. These are very large areas and if electrolysis was used, she’d be laying there for hours on end. Laser itself is time consuming for the full legs, you’d need a whole day to do legs using electrolysis for just one session.

Another idea would be to start off with laser hair removal, and then finish off with electrolysis for any stray hairs that creep up.

I agree. Laser works great on bikini area because the hair is very coarse. It’s a good idea to do laser there, especially the closer you are to the perfect combination of very light skin and dark coarse hair.

I seriously doubt it would take a WHOLE day for laser on the legs. And with a fast electrologist, it wouldn’t take “hours on end.” That is why I suggested those known to be fast electrologists. Tada…

Everything is possible, but it’s not necessarily the best method. In this situation, laser will give much better initial results after which the few hairs that are left can be removed with electrolysis if needed. I have about 90% reduction with laser on bikini so far. It’s much more cost-effective as well since it costs only $75-150 per session to do the bikini area and laser takes care of it in 10 mins (per session, with 4-8 sessions needed)

Thanks for all the replies! I actually looked into electrology first --Maria Vega but very expensive for the good ones–I don’t have that kind of money and my legs are very hairy so it would be very very expensive lol. Anyway, I guess I will call up Romeo & Juliet and see how the consultation goes. I am very hopeful as I have coarse dark hair on my lower leg and bikini and nearly pale skin…but my upper legs i am concerned about because the hair is very light up there—should I even make them do the upper leg if the hair is light??? I dont think it will work…

no, laser targets the dark pigment, so won’t work on blond or red hair.