NY, NY Electrologist Referral

[color:“purple”]I’ve checked out the referrals forum, but would appreciate any feedback about Manhattan electrologists. While I would be interested in going to Fino Gior, taking the railroad to Long Island is not really an option right now.

I’ve had quite a bit of work done in the past with galvanic, which, by the way, was very successful, but that electrologist retired.

I now need some work done on chin and upper and lower lips and am interested in trying the blend - I have fine dark hairs and assume the blend would be best, but would appreciate advice about the modality, too.

Thanks!! [/color]

Gentle reader, please enter in your location in your profile just where in NY,NY you are.

It will help us to help you.

We do have information on the 5 bouroughs, but no one will hazard to reply if you don’t narrow it down. Putting it in your profile also makes sure that no matter what post string you are talking in, a person can see that, and doesn’t have to find the one above or below this to know the general area you are talking about.


Thank you reading my message (I was hoping you would).

I have edited my profile to indicate that I am located in Manhattan and am looking for electrologists in that fine borough.

I appreciate any feedback you can give me.

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Okay, I’ll stick my neck out and name a name. Out of the dozen or so electrologists in the area I have seen, one sticks out in my mind as the best:

I have nothing but good things to say about Arlene Batz.

I believe she is a member here.

If you can make it out to Queens (Kew Gardens area, nearest train is the F), it is WELL worth the trip to see her.

Extremely knowledgeable, no-nonsense/honest, friendly, reasonable, and SKILLED. Skilled in multiple needle galvanic, thermolysis, and blend.

Arlene’s number is (718) 206-2744. She can also be reached at electrolysis@juno.com.

Thank you.
I may give her a try.

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Another place to try is Affordable Electrolysis on W. 24th St. between 9th and 10th in Chelsea. There are two electrologists working out of the office; each one has 20+ years experience. They have a lot of gay/TG clientele. I think they do thermolysis only.

I’ve been to one of the electrologists about four times and have been happy with the treatment so far.

The only thing is that it’s not terribly affordable–about $85/hour.