Nuvo laser hair removal center at Stonestown in SF

Has anyone had a bad experience going to Nuvo for laser treatments for hair removal? I purchased the package of 6 treatments since January, had the first one in February and since then have had nothing but excuses. They cancel and reschedule my appointments on a weekly basis. They offer free treatments for the trouble but fail to even do that. I was there yesterday for an appointment that for once was not rescheduled. After 20 minutes of sitting and waiting patiently to be called in, the manager walks out to apologize because the nurse just walked out. Once again I am left without treatment that I am supposed to recieve every 4-6 weeks. I told them I wanted my money back and they said they cannot do that because of the contract. I do understand that but what happens when they fail to provide the service you have paid far in advance and in full? For some reason or the other, they either have a nurse that called in sick or is on vacation, somebody quit, the staff left early and so forth. Does anyone have any similar experiences w/'em? Or any info on how to handle a situation like this? Greatly appreciated.

there are tons of bad experiences with this mall chain. try to get your money back and stay away from it. if you are going to get laser done, find a reputable clinic with experienced technicians and an actual laser (not IPL).

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