Numurous problems, please help me...

I haaate having body hair. It annoys me to no end. But I can’t shave. Well, I can, but so much goes wrong.

The main problem is my legs. I can shave my arms, armpits, even my pubes (:o) without any irritation. Sometimes it burns after I shave that last area, and there’s sometimes redness and bumps but usually it’s ok. I don’t plan on being naked infront of anyone anytime soon anyway. For now I’m just concerned about my legs.

For some reason, the first time I shave my legs, it goes well. I never get cuts when I shave it after letting it grow out. But, the problem is after, I have abunch of black dots all over my shins, and my thighs have this…holes…I guess they’re my pores. From further away, it looks like abunch of small pinkish circles underneath my skin on my thighs.

Then there’s the second problem. I’ve tried shaving everyday, and I’ve tried waiting a week and then shaving, but the result is the same. The second time time I shave, I get so many cuts. I don’t know how, I’m as gentle and slow as I can be, I let the shaving cream set for about 1-2 minutes, I soak in a hot bath before, but nothing I’ve tried works. I use extra sensitive shaving cream, and that doesn’t help either. Then the cuts start itching like crazy, and I start getting redness and bumps, even if I don’t scratch.

I’ve also tried waxing, didn’t do jack. It only made my hairs shorter and provoked the redness on my pores. I tried nair and veet, didn’t work. Well, nair worked wonderfully on my arms and armpits. But Veet didn’t do anything to my legs and Nair made them itch so badly I almost started crying and had to jump in a bath of cold water. I first tried leaving it on for about 3 minutes then tried the full 10. No difference.

I don’t have the money for laser and electrolosys. I haven’t tried professional waxing but I don’t have the money for that either and I’m a little self-conscious about letting someone else do it.

Please, someone help me, I’m sick of wearing pants all the time, even during the summer. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> I want to wear shorts and skirts like when I was a kid, someone has to have an answer to this. I can’t be I’m the only person with this problem, there has to be someone else.

Try spending a little more for a better razor. I usually never get nicks at all, but if I use a cheap razor, I’ll get nicks all over the place. And, only use a new razor. Razors are significantly dulled after first use. Remember that it takes time to become conditioned to shaving. Your skin has to smooth out.

Try using a Gillette three blade disposeable, or if you want a better experience, use the kind that take the small AAA batteries that vibrate. Those help the blade jump over bumps.

Definitely exfoliate before shaving, I do. It helps a lot. Get as coarse brush as you can possibly stand, and scrub with a moisturizing soap (Softsoap handsoap works fine) all the areas you’re going to shave. This helps work the upcoming hairs out of the bumps and flattens the skin around the hair. You’ll be noteceably smoother after you finish shaving.

And lastly, watch your angle. That’s why I always use pivot head razors, so the angle can be good even if your shaving the back of your upper legs. Take the razor out of the package and rest it on your skin, examine what’s the best angle to hold at so you’re in the midst of the pivot angle. A close angle will gouge your skin, and a steep angle won’t cut shorter growth hairs at all.

Try some of these tips. I hope they help.


I haven’t been able to get an exfoliating loofa sponge yet, I will next time I’m out. I don’t see how that’s going to help with the weird dots though. It seems like all of my pores have either a redness or a purple-ish color around them.

Hmmm… I have the same problem with the red pores. Even after laser, they’re still there. But I don’t know what they are, or how to fix them.

That’s not much help, I know… but at least you’re not alone!

Oh, I had a discussion with my mother about it. She says everyone has purpleness around their pores, and that I’m focusing too much on this. Is that true?