Numbness on shoulder after session

Hi guys,

i have been having electrolysis for around 4 months now and had a total of around 15 or so sessions at 2 hrs each visit.

yesterday i had treatment on my front shoulder. I did notice on 2 or 3 occasions on an area close to where the shoulder meets the armpit referring shock down to my upper arm but didnt think much of it at the time as i understand the skin is very thin around this area and also sensitive with nerve endings…

i dont want to get to specific however i have a patch around the outer part of the shoulder going down into the upper bicep which is now 95% numb to the point i can pinch very hard without feeling much.

needless to say im worried my feeling wont return to that area of the shoulder.

just wondering if anyone else has experience this and if so should the feeling return any time soon?

my practitioner is shocked and cant see as to how this can happen as the needle is only small and extremely fine.

all i can do is wait it out at this time and see what happens however would really appreciate some feedback.

The shock sensation is harmless (blend or DC-galvanic). If it’s bothersome, have her switch off the DC in those “zappy” areas (blend).

Swelling from electrolysis can cause temporary numbness (pressure on the nerve). Although rare, this absolutely will resolve 100%. (There is no correlation between the zap-effect and post-treatment numbness.) Don’t push on the area to “test it” as this will prolong the minor trauma. Give it a week, and then a test.

BTW, I’m pretty sure I know right where this spot is, because I experienced this myself years ago when I had my shoulder hair removed.

Hi Mike see below, i have circled around roughly where the numbness is.

the numbness is extremely strong as if i have had a intramuscular anesthetic injected and since yesterday it has not improved so im pretty worried to say the least…

also note the bruise. the practitioner said that she had to pull the skin back in this area as the follicles kind of bend round where i was sitting up so pulling the skin makes the path for the needle to the bulb a straight line. and with this there is a chance in going though the side walls or the bottom of the follicle.

you can see the area on the front of the shoulder going towards the neck that was treated, these bumps as you know are normal and i have no issues with sensation in this area.

When I got ‘‘extreme’’ electro done on my face, the skin was numb for several weeks afterwards (no analgesics were used). I’ve got a few theories on the why, but I’ll spare you the details because I suspect you only wanna know if the normal feeling comes back or not, and it did.

And feel free to post more shirtless pics for… um… science! lol

Thanks for this. so was your face actually fully numb for weeks thereafter in the areas treated?

if so that would have been quite a scare…

I don’t fully remember as it’s been 2 years, and to be fair the skin reaction that came with it was scarier. But I remember it being very (maybe fully?) numb for at least 1-2 weeks, then the numbness decreased until it went back to normal (a month, maybe more?).

Your skin reaction looks like a bruise, which means blood got released so I’m wondering how exactly electro could’ve caused that. Did she stab you repeatedly with the needle or something?! Maybe the pinching… but damn did you use pliers lol


Yep, that’s the spot! Also, the bruise is sub-dermal blood and that is putting pressure on the nerve. Love it … there’s clear evidence of cause and effect.

I guarantee (and will take a “blood oath”) that this will resolve perfectly. BTW … great looking body too. (I used to look like that before AGE set in. I still have the muscles, but they are hanging low now … totally disgusting!)

Also, you can probably feel a little numbness on the “middle finger” … happens too. No worries mate!

Back off Michael, HE’S MINE!

ok this is good to know,really hope its the case its just amazing how a little pressure can cause such a prominent numbness, that part of my shoulder when i rub it feels like im touching someone elses shoulder. it s not the same kind of numbness you experience if you hold an ice cube to your skin for 1 minute, with that you can feel sensation.

and i will report back with updates!

many thanks!

A few years ago, Dr. “P” was doing some work on his nurse and placed a cheek implant in her hollow area. (I was scrubbing for this procedure.) He accidentally clipped (severed) a large facial nerve that caused numbness on one side of her face.

Amazingly, the nerve fibers from the OTHER SIDE of her face grew over the nose and into the numb area. The brain sorted this out and returned the sensation as being the formerly numb area. Nerves do regrow and the body is amazing. To the OP … you don’t have any injury like this, just pressure. Don’t worry just keep “lifting.”

lol thanks, like i said, i will update when i have any kind of improvement with regards to feeling.