Numbing Cream before electrolysis

Hi. My electrolysist always puts numbing cream on me for an hour before performing electrolysis. I went to see another electrolysist today (looking for a less expensive one) and he told me that I cannot use numbing cream before because he puts the intesity on the machine based on what I can tolerate? Does anyone know if he is right or wrong? I thought the intensity was determined by what the hair follicle needed to come out smoothly? Please help

BTW I am referring to electrolysis on my face :slight_smile:

Have you tried facial electrolysis without using a numbing cream? My clients don’t need it. Sometimes they need it for the middle upper lip, but otherwise, we get it done without by changing modalities or the recipe for intensity and timing. If a client is numbed, they can not report that they are having a lot of pain, something that would be an important indicator that the skin is being over taxed.

Hi Yoyod,

Intensity tolerance can be measured but intensity is just one of the variables the electrologist might want to measure. He might want to test your tolerance first and then determine another important variable, timing.

I think it is a good idea to begin a treatment without the anesthetic as none is usually needed for most.