Number of sessions to complete full Brazilian?

So here’s my story:

I have a long relationship with electrolysis. For some time, I shaved or waxed everything in my bikini area. Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled when I learned I could just get electrolysis.

It has now been about a year and a half since I started getting electro treatments. I’ve had both blend and galvanic. The thing that really concerns me is, after 33 sessions, I still have noticeable hair left. I noticed the hairs no longer grow back as long. Some are gray. But there are about 20 hairs left in the top part and maybe 7-10 on the sides.

One of the women I saw claimed to be very experienced. She had electro done herself and was in the field for almost four decades. She actually dumped me, probably due to the lack of progress. She was surprised it was taking so long. Most of her clients finish in less than five months.

At this point, I have had more hair treated and permanantly gone than not. Like I said, there’s more hair than I expected still active. I tried to make them go as high as possible or at least at the expected (medium) range in my sessions. After I began electro, I stopped shaving and waxing.

Does anybody have any advice? Should I keep on buying more sessions? I notice that most of the people who perform electro don’t tell you how many sessions it takes. Thanks.

How long has each treatment been? How much are they clearing each session? There’s a number of variables in play. I will say that galvanic is extremely slow (I’m not sure why people still use this method in practice quite honestly), so I could see hair remaining after many session if they haven’t even gotten to those yet.

The fact you are getting less hair is a promising sign, although I would personally think you should be done now.

Thanks for responding to my post. Each treatment is 60-65 minutes. They usually work really fast. I think they clear about as many as 55-60 hairs a session. The area looked completely clear. Often they felt bad for me and would go over the 60 mins I purchased to give me a few more.

The more experienced lady claims she still prefers galvanic over blend. She told me that she had both done as well. It seemed to her more hairs come back with blend. IMO I don’t really notice a difference either way.

Yeah, I guess it all depends if I can live with having a few strays here and there.

On the plus side, it sounds like you are probably almost done but I hate to think how many hours you spent/paid for doing pure galvanic.

With thermolysis or a fast blend a decent electrologist is probably hitting around 500 insertions per hour on average? Even if they have to slow down because of some of the “topography” challenges of doing a Brazilian I’d expect at least several hundred insertions per hour. My electrologist almost hit 900/hour doing mostly Brazilian work once. Only doing ~60 hairs per hour sounds extremely slow to me.

That is slow, but to each their own! All kinds of electrolysis modalities work. The consumer needs to discover for them self what is best.

People want the hair off as fast as possible. That’s why I prefer to use thermolysis. What I have observed is that in particular, Synchro thermolysis is on par with straight galvanic electrolysis. Both are deadly. The regrowth rate is practically zero with both. However, Synchro is much faster. One can reach insertions levels of 600-1200 insertions per hour with Synchro, which falls in line with the consumer expectation of removing a lot of hair in an hour session, thus getting a lot of value for their money.

Sorry for the late response.

They never tell me exactly how many hairs are removed in each session. All I know is that each hair takes about 30 seconds to get out. Also, I think it probably doesn’t help that I skipped a lot of sessions in the beginning. They wanted me to come every week. Due to financial problems, I ended up seeing them only every three weeks. I also took a break, but that encouraged even more regrowth.

The more experienced technician was surprised I spent so long just trying to clear that area. She mentioned despite using the old-school method most people are done in five months or less. I’m now planning to go to my treatments much more frequently to speed the process up. It’s annoying because one patch on the mons just keeps growing back!

Thanks for the help, everyone.