NU U Unlimited (LHR) in Schaumburg, IL?

[from a reader]

Do you know anything about NU U Unlimited, (HLR) located in Schaumburg, IL?
I just had consultation and test with them, not a bad expierence and comparing to others really good price for the series of treatments. The only concern - they’ve been in this location only since September 2005, but they claim they are expanding the business started in the west coast.
Another one - location at the mall (Woodfield) where I work is very convinient on one hand but doesn’t win my absolute trust.
They offered price of $ 3,170 (18 mo intrestfree plan) for full legs, bikini & underarms. 6 treatments each 6 weeks apart, if I need less they will transfer to another area - upper lip, brazilian, underarms. they do offer free maitenance program, forgot to ask for how long. no guaranted results in writing . It’s IPL laser, I don’t know what kind. There is a M.D. that supervises the etheticians operating the equipment.
Please respond as soon as you can. They gave me time until the end of the month for this price deal.
Thank you in advance.

IPLs are OK, but practitioner skill is more important with IPLs than lasers to avoid side effects. I generally recommend a long-pulse diode or Nd:YAG over IPL, but the most important element is practitioner skill. If you aren’t getting a good vibe or didn’t like the test patch, you may want to visit others before committing.

If you live in chicago or close to I would check LightCare.
Ive been getting my treatment there and results are great. You have Medical Doctor treating you every time. I have only good things to say about this place. They use Gentlease plus (one of the best laser if not the best). I dont know about the price for all the areas you want to get treated but they have discunts on multiple areas and after 5th treatment the rest is only 20% of the price. I think it’s reasonable. Personally I would not got to any chain or laser hair removal offered at the mall. If you want the best results with minimal risk of burns I would go with LightCare.

make sure to choose based on tech’s skill and laser type that’s best for your skin type (which you don’t mention). “supervised by an MD” really doesn’t mean much. most of the time they’re not even around.