NPR radio report on laser anesthetic death

Good post Andrea. That story is S-C-A-R-Y. My last laser treatment left me with two very nasty blisters. They went away after about two weeks but it scared the shit out of me. Too bad it didn’t scare the hair out of me!
The first time I went in for a treatment, the lady let another girl “practice” on me. Since it was my first time I didn’t think too much of it but it definitely struck me as odd. Luckily nothing happened. While I imagine its very safe for the most part, they should begin to regulate it more strictly.

You want regulation to protect you in the United States?

This from the country that allows Dentists to do plastic surgeries like “boob jobs” just because he is technically a doctor?

We must stick together to find out who is good, and who we should pass on, because the government is not looking out for you.

“woman died from an overdose of anesthetic cream that she applied” [color:“red”] [/color] [color:“blue”] [/color]
Perhaps everyone should stop using it for electrolysis treatments.

I agree, LaserX, when we are talking about spreading this stuff over entire legs or backs. The issue is using these high-concentration products over large areas, often in combination with painkillers. This is what has caused the death of several people attending laser clinics. Most people getting electrolysis are not treating large areas in one session, so the surface area covered with lidocaine-based products tends to be smaller.