nothing I try works

ihave always had a bit of a moustache but that has never bothered me but after having 2 kids(one with meganon fertility drugs) I developed chin hair. At first it wasn’t so bad and I waxed, then it got worse so I tried a thing called epilpro(which I think made it worse). I tried laser which clearly does not work on fair hair. My latest is electrolysis which I have been persevering with for about a year. The thing is I don’t think it is working. In fact I think the hair is becoming more widespread. I have been taking Danette for 4 months and using Vaniqa for 3 - is there anything else out there to try.I’ve been checked for polycystic ovaries so it ain’t that. Do I give up with electro (I thought it was meant to hurt but I feel nothing)? can anyone give me any suggestions and can anyone tell me if messing with follicles can encourage more hairgrowth?

Your comment about feeling nothing when having electrolysis performed, brought to mind a Hinkelism. Arthur Hinkel was an instructor for electrology students and co-authored the book, ‘Electrolysis,Thermolysis, and the Blend’, which is like the bible of all electrolysis students. He was also the co-inventer of the blend method.

One Hinkelism that pertains to your situation is, “A painless treatment is a worthless treatment”. If you have felt NOTHING for a year worth of treatment, then that explains why you are not seeing results. Get more consults! If you give up on electrolysis, there is really nothing left for you to do if you want permanent hair removal. I do not doubt that something is responsible for stimulating more hair to grow? Hormones, stress, medications??? It is not probable that laser or electrolysis has stimulated more hair to grow, however, some people (and a medical article) swear that laser was responsible for more hair growth when in fact,it could just be a coincidence related to hormonal stimulation instead. More scientific study is needed to clear this up.

Electrolysis will treat the side effect of what is causing your unwanted hair,IF IT IS PERFORMED CORRECTLY BY A COMPETENT PRACTIONER. You definetly must feel some heat under the skin, but it should be tolerable heat and effective heat, or the hair will grow back.

If your’re not in a location where you can interview and sample other electrologist’s, talk to the one you have about not feeling anything. What does your practioner say about your lack of progress after a whole year? Hopefully, you have gone for more than a few treatments over that year. If you have a lot of hair, nothing slows progress like not going frequently up front.