Nothing but ingrown


No matter what I do I keep getting in grown hairs all over my legs!

I have tried chemical ,waxing, plucking, and shaving. none of them seem to help yeld any results without ingrown hairs, and lots of them for that matter. I would do laser or electrolysis but I simply don’t have them money for that. I’ve been trying to deal with this problem for 5 years now and have yet to have any luck. Any suggestions would be welcome!


Any form of mechanical hair removal worsens the problem. Have you tried any products such as tend skin, that I have heard people mention on this forum.


Hmmmm I might try it to see if it works.


Moisturising the skin helps because when the skin is dry, it is more difficult for the hair to make its’ way through to the surface normally. Of course the omly perfect solution is permanent hair removal. No hairs ,means no hairs to ingrow. The alternative would be to give your skin a rest,and not remove the hairs for a few months, perhaps over Winter.


Ive done that before, I shaved and the ingrown hairs started up so I said better just leave it all alone. So I did for about 6 months, and when I went to try waxing it did the same thing again but not as much as the razors caused. I will take your advise though and give my legs a break during the winter.