not your typical question


For most its about removing hair, just like it was for me. But now I want it back.

In late 2003 I used Finally Free Ultra to neaten my hairline but I was only 17 at the time and a boy with insecurites. I went overboard and took a too much off and now I really want my hairline, espeically on the top corner sides back. I know its not cos im getin older thts y im not growing it back how it used to be cos its exactly the same shape i cut it a year n half ago. I have fine hair growing ther now but want it back thick n corse like the rest of my head. I do have very thick hair n REALI want my hairline back to how it used 2 be.

Im light skined and Asian with dark hair.

I even considered Regaine (Rogaine) but im stil 19…dont knw tha side efects n may regret it in years 2 come.

No baldness in my family n no hormone imbalances.

Any info will b helpful as 2 wots goin on.


P.S. Please dont go out and buy Finally Free Ultra as this may b a one off thing…and hopefully not if my hair comes back thicker agen.