Not sure where to go...

I am a male with a very hairy back.
I have tried waxing and shaving and it just doesn’t work for me. My back breaks out in pimple like bumps that take days (after shaving) or months (after waxing), to go away.
Where do you suggest I go from here? I have very sensitive skin. Should I try those creams that dissolve hair? I would like laser treatment but I am just a poor student so it is difficult to get the money.
Is there someone I should see? My doctor? or should I set up an appointment with a dermatologist?
Any advice on what my next steps should be in solving this problem are appreciated. Thanks.

I’m a college student and took out a student loan to get laser hair removal. If your hair really bothers you, then would you be willing to do the same thing?

Maybe, but I want to make sure I exhaust all the cheaper options first. I’ve heard the laser gives mixed results and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that might not work. I was thinking about maybe getting a couple treatments and then hopefully the hair would be thinner and easier to shave without irratating the skin.
Mostly I was wondering if there are perfessionals who can give advice on this sort of thing. Also would electrolysis be a cheaper permanent option?

Most electrologist charge per hour ($40 to $100 an hour). That may not seem like a lot, but electrolysis is very time consuming, and so the money will just rack up! I had electrolysis done on my arm pits and lower legs 5 years ago. I went every weekend for 3 months, and only had one full treatment on all the areas! It eventually rack up to over a thousand dollars! I couldn’t continue going at that rate so I had to stop.

Yeah, I’ve looked into more now and it seems like laser is the only option for me.
I guess I might just have to use electrolysis to finish up at the end. Thanks for the info.