Not sure if such a thing exists


This my first post, not sure if it’s in the right place but I think this is the most appropriate.

I was wondering is the is such a thing as hair inhibitor cream which contains DHT (not sure if this would even be safe, I’m pretty sure it would be a male only product). I’ve been wondering this because I was suffering from hair loss, but since using a DHT inhibitor product (I won’t meantion which it is incase people think that I’m here to shamelessly plug it), my hair is growing back and isn’t falling out. But this made me think, if DHT occurs naturally in males, and causes hair loss, couldn’t using DHT to a localised area of hair result in premenant hair removal to the applied area?

I’m yet to find an answer to this question. Does anyone know of such a product, or have any feelings toward my query?

Cheers everyone.

Sorry, I don’t have the answers to your questions. But I am intrigued since I am trying to restore my body hair. I have a couple of questions.

What kind of DHT inhibitor product are you using?
On which parts of your body?
If you are trying to remove hairs that this product gave you, then why do you want to do that?

If you could at least PM me your answers, I’d be glad.


There are some creams currently in development. You can run a search here or look under that thread.